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My Internship 2023

April 2023 - Present

Content Creator Intern

Lehi, Utah



Kiln is a rapidly growing boutique coworking space company headquartered in Utah.

I was hired onto Kiln's marketing team as one of two content creator interns. My specific role was to concept, film, edit, and produce short and long-form video content for Kiln. Recurring projects were member testimonials, event coverage, site overviews, and corporate videos. Tasks involved conducting on-camera interviews, writing voiceover scripts, filming site b-roll, post-production video work, creating paid advertisements, producing internal cooperate videos, creating engaging content for social, and more.

Highlighted Content

Some Corporate Productions

New Member Welcome Video

My first major project at Kiln entailed producing a corporate video designed for new member orientations across all Kiln locations. The project involved interviewing the CEO and Creative Director, selecting b-roll, and crafting a finished product. The resulting welcome video is now an official component of Kiln's member orientation process.

Member Highlight Video

Kiln loves to highlight their members' stories and successes. This video I produced with Andy and Kristin is known as one of Kiln's "collision stories." Their story is a wonderful example of Kiln's work in creating a culture of networking and collaboration. This is one of many member stories I produced while at Kiln.

Some Social Reels

Event Reels

Kiln frequently hosts unique social and networking events for its members. One of my duties was to get film coverage of these events, and create short reels for social posts. This specific example was from Kiln's annual ski day at Pine Creek, WY. The task was to create a fun and lighthearted reel reflecting on the day.

Site Highlight Reels

When I joined, Kiln had 6 open locations. Presently, Kiln has grown to 12 locations with several more under construction. During this rapid growth, one of my tasks has been to create new site highlight reels for social posts to boost local interest. This specific reel is from Kiln's Provo location shortly after opening its doors.

Member Testimonials

With over 4,000 members across Kiln locations, there are countless unique stories and experiences to be shared. Capturing these stories on video was a recurring project that I loved working on. This testimonial is an example of members sharing the positive effects that they've experienced by coming to work at Kiln.

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