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Nathan Clark

Nathan is a content creator and aspiring creative director based in Salt Lake City. Graduating in April 2024 from Brigham Young University with a degree in Advertising, his work spans from commercials to branded content films.


At 9 years old, Nathan was given his first small point and shoot camera. He would bring it everywhere he and his family went, and quickly discovered how his photos could tell a story. As a teenager, fueled by his passion for visual storytelling, Nathan slowly transitioned from photography to filmmaking – a medium he found even more freedom in to tell stories and inspire others.


To date, Nathan has lived overseas twice – two years in India and two years in Brazil. During his time overseas, he managed to travel and visit 26 other countries. Those years abroad opened his eyes to the diverse cultures and wonderful people that exist all around the world – a lesson he tries to emulate in his work.


Nathan is a passionate rock climber, skier, and mountaineer. Simply put, he loves to be outdoors, and that’s where he strives to create most of his content. His goal is to create beautiful and impactful campaigns for the outdoor product and lifestyle industry.

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